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I Don't Have To Be Naked, Do I?


To go nude or not to go nude. That's probably one of most asked questions I get! Usually, it goes a little something like, "Yikes, I don't have to be naked, do I?!" Of course not, you don't have to do anything you're not comfortable with!

Sexy Nude Pics

It's entirely up to you how naked you get at your photoshoot. It all depends on what you wish to get out of the experience! I photograph all of my clients in a way that will guarantee you feel your best. So before we start your session, we will talk about your comfort level of nudity. That way, I won't suggest doing something during the session that could make you uncomfortable.

Art Nude Pics Brisbane

I would say that about 80% of women who come in for boudoir photos end up going topless by the end of their shoot because I just help them feel so relaxed! Near the end of the photoshoot, I often ask if there is any other photos or outfits you would like to have before we finish. At this point, there's often a "what the hell" moment where the bra comes off, and we get a few nude shots at the end of the session. The beauty of this is, you are in total control of the decision, and if you don't want nude photos, We don't take them.

At the end of the day, the thing that makes me happiest is you feeling sexy and empowered.


The definition of implied and full nudity changes depending on which photographer you ask. For me, implied is the feeling of nudity while not actually showing anything. A great example implied vs nude is below

Brisbane Implied Nude BoudoirExample of implied nude photos

How To Pose For nude PhotosExample of nude photos

What Are Fine Art Nudes?

Moody Nude Boudoir With Dark Wooden Wall Background

Fine art nude photography is often confused with porn. Posing bearing it all can be scary. You can feel very vulnerable, and it can be extremely intimidating. I specialise in the art of highlighting everyone pure beauty. I focus on using high-contrasting shadows with bright highlights to create a more discreet and sophisticated look. You can be reserved (implied nudes) or revealing (erotic) as you wish; this is about you! You are in complete control!

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