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FAQs About Escort Photography

FAQs About Escort Photography

Feel free to contact me if there’s anything else you’d like to know about me or my photoshoots.

Whereabouts can we do the photo shoot?

We can shoot anywhere you like. We can shoot in my studio in Brisbane, in a luxury hotel, your place, on the beach, etc. For the best results pick a place with big windows, white walls, plenty of natural light. It's up to you to arrange the venue.

What are the pre-shoot consultations?

Before your photo shoot, we will have a chat over coffee at my studio to discuss more of the details of your photo session. We will find the perfect outfits, plan the mood and style of your shoot and figure out what will work best for you and your brand. If you're buying one of my video packages we will also use this time to write and storyboard your video shoot. Depending on what we are discussing these chatting can be 30mins to 2hrs long. I love going into detail and making your photos/videos unique.

Should I arrange a makeup artist and hairstylist?

Definitely! Having your makeup and hair done will give you the best results. Hair and makeup are not included in my packages, I can help with suggestions for finding an HMUA.

What is the difference between boudoir & lifestyle shoots?

A boudoir shoot is much like traditional escort photos. Super sexy lingerie and suggestive poses. These photos are great at making a client imagine what being in bed with you would be like. My lifestyle shoots, on the other hand, are great at showing what the first date experience with you would be like. These can be anywhere from a romantic fine dining dinner date to a nice simple relaxed coffee date. Lifestyle shoots are great at visually showing the conversational side of your services.

Why book a photo shoot with an escort photographer?

There are many reasons to book a shoot a with me. The main reason is I'm professional. This is my job after all and not a in my free time hobby. When you book a shoot with me you can expect only a professional experience. No silly or inappropriate questions or forced conversations about your line of work. Only professional photography.

When will I get the finished edited photos?

7 to 14 days after you choose which photos want.

Do I get to choose my photos for retouching?

Yes, of course. After the shoot, I will send you the proofs for you to choose from.

What days are you available?

My photo & video shoot sessions are available 24/7 for location shoots. My studio is open from 7AM to 8PM every day of the week.

How soon can I see the photos after the shoot?

You can view the photos during and immediately after the shoot. If you bring a USB drive you can have the unedited photos before you leave. I will send you a link with all the photos/proofs within 24 hours.

I'm concerned about my privacy. What precautions do you take so no one else will get access to my photos?

The privacy of my clients is one of my top concerns. I don't just photograph escorts. Under my other photography brand I often work with teachers, business professionals and public figures, so I understand the need to be discreet and the importance of keeping your privacy. I keep all my photos and any person data on encrypted hard drives. When sharing photos with my clients I don't use third party platforms like dropbox, smugmug, etc. Instead I use my own internet server which I have complete control over. At the end of the day this means only you and me will have access to your photos.

What should I wear?

It's entirely up to you, we’ll discuss popular options and some hints during our In-depth in-person consultation.

How long will the shoots last?

As long as you want, I've had shoot last only 30min and some up to 8hrs. There is no rush we won't stop till you have everything you were wanting. It's my aim is to make you comfortable & relaxed for your shoot.

How many photos do you take?

I don’t keep track of how many I'm taking during a shoot, but it's usually over 300.

Do I need to be an escort or adult entertainer to book a photo shoot with you?

Most of my booking come from escorts and adult entertainers, but I also get a few bookings from women who just want beautiful sexy photos of themselves. My photos make a great sexy gift to give your partner and they are also a massive confidence boost for you!

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