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OnlyFans Banning Content: What Gets You Flagged and Banned

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Have you heard those horror stories about OnlyFans banning content out of the blue? Maybe you’ve seen Reddit threads with creators lamenting about getting flagged or banned without warning. Or worse, you’ve experienced it firsthand. OnlyFans banning content can happen for various reasons, from violating terms of service to breaking acceptable use policies.

Let’s break down what gets you flagged or banned on OnlyFans and how to avoid those dreaded account issues.

Why Does OnlyFans Ban Content?

OnlyFans might ban content for several reasons, often referencing their stringent terms of service and acceptable use policies. These policies clearly define what type of content is allowed and what isn't. They frequently update these rules to reflect current regulations and to protect the platform's integrity.

For instance, you might remember the infamous 2021 incident when OnlyFans announced a ban on sexually explicit content. They cited pressure from banks as the reason behind this move, claiming banks were concerned about their reputation. However, after significant backlash from creators and sex workers, OnlyFans reversed their decision.

The Role of Technology and Moderation

OnlyFans uses both technology and human moderators to ensure prohibited content doesn’t make it onto the platform. Moderators use software tools to scan accounts and filter out content that violates policies. Here’s a closer look at what kinds of content can get you banned on OnlyFans:

1. Underage Content

If you’re under 18, any content you post will be banned, and your account will be flagged for investigation. OnlyFans strictly prohibits child sexual abuse materials (CSAM) and collaborates with authorities to prevent the distribution of such content. Always ensure you and any co-creators are of legal age and provide proper documentation.

2. Non-consensual Content

Posting content with a co-author who hasn’t consented can get your content flagged. Always secure proper, legally binding consent forms, and even consider recording a consent video. OnlyFans will ban content if a co-author disputes their involvement.

3. Stolen or Revenge Content

Redistributing another creator’s content without permission or posting revenge porn will get you banned. OnlyFans protects creators' intellectual property and enforces strict penalties for theft and non-consensual content distribution.

4. Including Minors

If your content includes anyone under 18, even if you’re of age, OnlyFans will ban it. Always verify the age of anyone featured in your content to avoid issues.

5. Hate Speech

OnlyFans is a safe space for all users. Content that attacks or humiliates others based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, or age is strictly prohibited and will be flagged and removed.

6. Extreme Sexual Acts and Bestiality

While OnlyFans allows adult content, extreme sexual acts, and bestiality are banned. Content depicting such acts will be flagged and removed.

7. Malicious Content

Uploading or linking content with malicious code intended to harm OnlyFans or its users will get you banned and possibly lead to legal action. Always scan your content for malware before uploading.

8. False Endorsements and Unauthorised Promotions

Using OnlyFans branding to promote products or services without permission, or running scams, will result in your account being flagged. Unauthorised promotion of other companies is also prohibited.

9. Public Nudity and Sex

Publicly visible nudity or sex acts will get your content flagged. Always ensure your content is shot in private or in areas where it’s unlikely to be seen by the public.

How to Avoid Getting Banned

Understanding and adhering to OnlyFans' terms of service and acceptable use policies is crucial. Here are some tips to keep your account safe:

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check OnlyFans' policy updates to stay compliant.
  • Secure Consent: Always get written and video consent from anyone featured in your content.
  • Verify Ages: Ensure everyone involved is of legal age and provide proper documentation.
  • Respect IP: Don’t steal or redistribute content without permission.
  • Avoid Extreme Content: Stick to content that aligns with OnlyFans' guidelines.
  • Be Respectful: Avoid hate speech and content that might be deemed offensive.


Getting flagged or banned on OnlyFans can be a significant setback, but understanding what content is prohibited and why can help you avoid these issues. Always follow the platform’s guidelines and policies to keep your account safe and compliant.


OnlyFans bans content that violates their terms of service, including underage content, non-consensual content, stolen or revenge content, extreme sexual acts, bestiality, hate speech, public nudity or sex, malicious content, and false endorsements.
OnlyFans bans content to comply with legal regulations, protect users, and ensure the platform remains safe and respectful for all users. Violating these policies can result in content removal or account suspension.
If your content gets flagged, OnlyFans may review it and provide you with the reasons for the action. Repeated violations can lead to account suspension or permanent banning. They might also withhold earnings from flagged content.
To avoid getting banned, always follow OnlyFans' terms of service and acceptable use policies. Ensure all participants are of legal age, obtain proper consent, avoid extreme and illegal content, and refrain from using malicious code.
If your account gets banned, review the reasons provided by OnlyFans. If you believe it was a mistake, you can appeal the decision through their support team. Make sure to comply with all platform rules to avoid future issues.
OnlyFans requires creators to provide valid identification to verify their age. They also have systems in place to spot and remove content involving under-age individuals. Always provide accurate and truthful information.
Non-consensual content includes any material featuring individuals who have not given explicit permission to be part of the content. Always obtain written and video consent from anyone appearing in your content.
No, reposting other creators' content without permission is prohibited. This includes revenge porn. Only post original content or content for which you have explicit permission from the original creator.
Extreme sexual content includes hardcore bondage, sadomasochistic abuse, sexual assault, and bestiality. Such content is not allowed on OnlyFans and will be removed if posted.
No, using OnlyFans branding to promote other products or services without permission is against their policies. Unauthorised promotions can lead to content removal and account suspension.
OnlyFans bans content that includes public nudity or sex acts visible to the public. Always create content in private settings to comply with their guidelines and avoid account issues.
Regularly check OnlyFans' terms of service and acceptable use policies on their website. Stay informed about any updates or changes to ensure your content remains compliant.
To get verified, submit pictures of yourself with your Reddit username, subreddit name, and the date written on a piece of paper. Verification helps build trust and credibility with your audience.
If you encounter issues with another creator's content, report it to OnlyFans using the report button or contact their support team. They will review the content and take appropriate action.
Yes, you can collaborate with other creators, but ensure they are of legal age and have given explicit consent. Provide necessary documentation to OnlyFans to avoid issues with your content.
OnlyFans prohibits content that spreads hate speech or incites violence. This includes attacks based on race, ethnicity, religion, sex, disability, or age. Such content will be removed, and repeat offenders may face account suspension.

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