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Location for Escort Photo Shoots

Finding the perfect location for your escort photo shoot

The location of your shoot is one of the most important aspects of escort photography. I advise my clients against using their incall location. Do you think have photos online showing the layout and possibly the location of your incall? Also, does your incall have appealing light or room to shoot lots of different angles? Most of my clients will rent a luxury hotel room or use my studio space. Try to think outside the box when choosing a location. Brisbane has a great climate and is near awesome beaches and bushland. Photos outside the bedroom can be excellent for escort images.

The best location is the one the fits your personality Once we have found the ideal location for your shoot. Enjoy the photo shoot and have fun. Your shoot is your time to shine, relax and have fun. Your photo shoot should be full of laughter and suggestive body language. My favourite shoots are the ones that tell a story. Beginning to end your shoot will let your clients know what to expect.

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