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Step into the realm of enchantment at Brisbane's distinguished boudoir photography studio! We take pride in having immortalised the captivating allure of all women, embracing their distinct elegance across all shapes, sizes, and ages

Which style of photography are you looking to explore – boudoir or fine art nude?
Beautiful. Strong. Powerful.

Our bespoke approach fuses the creation of mesmerising images with an opulent experience designed to boost your self-assurance and provide an unforgettable journey. Our fervent dedication to empowering you to cherish your uniqueness and preserve your treasured moments for eternity is unwavering. Whether you seek a tantalising boudoir or an exquisite fine art nude session, we would be privileged to accompany you on this adventure.

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questions and answers

On average, our 1-hour shoot yields over 50 images, including select photos duplicated in both colour and black and white for added variety.
We offer an in-person gallery from which you can pick your favourites for framing, printing or download.
The same day. Right after we finished shooting!
Absolutely! Props can add a fun or thematic element to your outfit changes. Many clients incorporate sports jerseys or items related to their fiancé or partner for a personalised touch.
Yes, we can accommodate on-location shoots, but please note that an additional fee for travel will be applied.
Indeed, all purchased images undergo retouching, which includes enhancements, colour correction, and general removal of blemishes, spots, stretch marks, as well as some skin smoothing.
Certainly, we can accommodate such requests if you desire.
We offer extensive retouching for select images upon request. Please note that there may be an additional charge for major alterations – feel free to inquire.
Only the photographer.
We accept all major credit and debit cards and cash for your convenience.
The studio located on 4 Fryer Close in Bellbowrie. Free on street parking is available. A bus stop is also 2 blocks away.

Our professional makeup artists typically create a sultry, smokey-eyed look, but they will customise your makeup to complement your complexion, skin tone, and hair colour. Don't hesitate to discuss your preferences with the makeup artist.
Ensure you get a good night's sleep, stay hydrated, and moisturise your skin. Wear loose-fitting clothing to the shoot to avoid skin marks. Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and be prepared to enjoy the experience!
Choose items that make you feel comfortable and sexy, and that flatter your figure. You may have several options, so feel free to bring them all. For boudoir photos, we recommend having a dark and light set of lingerie, as they photograph well against various backdrops and allow for versatility. Apart from lingerie, consider your favourite skinny jeans, a form-fitting tee or blouse, paired with heels for a sexy look. We'll be there to offer recommendations.

If the shoot is for your partner, you could wear their favourite sports jersey or cap, or perhaps one of their comfy t-shirts or work shirts. If you're unsure, treat yourself to something new and exciting!
Your comfort level is the most important factor in deciding how much to reveal, and we always respect your boundaries without pressuring you. We often capture implied nudity, where strategic posing or props like bedsheets and pillows partially conceal your body. However, if you're interested in a more provocative or daring style, such as Playboy, we're open to accommodating your preferences.
There's no need to worry! We'll guide you throughout the shoot to highlight your best features and make you look your best in a natural manner. A helpful tip, though it may seem silly, is to practice your "model look" in front of a mirror. Instead of going for a cliché model expression, try a more relaxed face with slightly parted lips and a subtle smile in your eyes. Experiment a bit and see how your look evolves. This way, you'll feel more confident during the shoot.
Everyone has areas they'd like to improve, and even models require retouching. Don't worry about it! We'll ensure we don't focus on those areas, and with the right posing, we'll accentuate your natural assets to make you look your best.
Absolutely! The most important aspect that makes a great image or portrait is the subject's attitude. Embracing who you are and loving yourself is essential. What truly makes someone sexy is their confidence and comfort level—even if you have to fake it for a moment! We have experience working with curvier ladies, and we'll help you find the perfect poses during the shoot to showcase your beauty.
While we recommend allowing ample lead time for a boudoir shoot to ensure proper editing, design, and delivery, we can accommodate a faster turnaround if needed. Please note that a rush fee may apply to prioritise your order.
We always obtain your consent before using any of your images for marketing purposes or sharing them online. We fully respect your privacy and will honour your wishes in this regard.
I specialise in boudoir photography, and due to the high demand and busy schedule, I am unable to accommodate other photography styles at this time.
Yes, we'd be more than happy to work with you and cater to your specific needs as a content creator. We can discuss your requirements and collaborate to create exceptional content that suits your vision and goals.

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