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Online And Data Privacy Advice for Escorts

Online And Data Privacy Advice for Escorts

Unfortunately, there is still a social stigma of being a sex worker. I'm hopeful that the day will come when sex workers aren't discriminated against and shunned by the wider public, but we are not there yet. Until that day comes protecting your privacy and your very sensitive info should always be top of your priority.

It wasn't that long ago when all you needed to do was have a burner phone, and you could be pretty confident your identity would be private. Nowadays I would recommend compartmentalising your digital life as much a possible. Use unique email addresses and passwords every time you sign up for a new online service and ideally using email providers like Protonmail and Tutanota to enhance your privacy. Compartmentalising the services you use will make it much harder for an organisation or an attacker to access your data. You could take this one step further can compartmentalise the hardware you use. One example is using three or more phones. Have one for your private life, one that's only used for bookings, another that is only for multi-factor authentication and lastly one for business emails, social media, etc. This might sound a little extreme but imagine what could happen if your phone was lost or stolen and what an attacker could get access to? Your emails, online banking, passwords, social media accounts?? Using many different devices means no one devices will have access to everything.

A big part of data privacy is hiding as much as you can. If you are looking to keep your identities private, you should consider using a web browser that doesn't track you and send your data to 3rd parties. The ones I would recommend are Firefox Focus or Brave, both of which are available on the Apple app store and the Google Play Store

If you're feeling a bit paranoid about companies and the government collecting your data, I'm sad to say you're not crazy. In 2017 the Australian Federal government's data retention laws came into effect. What this means is the metadata of everything you do online is collected by your phone company and internet service provider and is kept for at least for two years. What is metadata? The data that is being collected is time and date of calls, how long the call lasted, the numbers you sent and received texts from, The website you visited and the email addresses. My problem with all this data being collected and stored is not that escorts are doing anything illegal; they don't have anything to hide from the law. It's that daily we hear news stories about data breaches and scandals. We are putting a lot of trust in the telcos to keep all that data save. Lucky there is a pretty easy way to avoid most of this data collected on you, and it is to use a VPN. VPNs allow you to securely access the internet and stop the telcos collecting most of that data about you. The VPN I use personally is NordVPN.

Most people that will read this blog probably already utilize most of these tips already. If that's so, it's important that you share the info here with your friends to help them stay secure. If we all can just get one person to start using a password manager or VPN or multi-factor authentication, we can help make the everyone be more safe and secure.

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