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Getting Ready & What To Expect

Getting Ready for your Boudoir Session

(And what to expect)

What to Bring

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You can never bring too many things. Always bring more rather than less.

  • 2-3 of your favourite lingerie sets that you feel fabulous wearing (corset, bras, lingerie briefs, thongs and gather belt).

  • The best colours for your outfits is usually red, black and white. Although any dark moody colours will look great! (dark blue, dark green, dark purple, etc)

  • Don't forget stockings! (This is the most common thing people forget).

  • High heels are a must. bring different colours and styles the higher the better. (higher heels make your legs look longer and leaner).

  • Any other favourite thing of yours (bathrobe, shirt, scarf, etc).

  • If you are giving the photos to your partner? bring something of there's (work uniform, business shirt and tie, sports jersey, tools of their trade, etc).

  • Anything fun or sexy your partner has given you.

How to Prepare for your session

Here are a few helpful tips before coming to your boudoir session that will help you get the most out of your boudoir session.

  • The night before rinse your hair. (Freshly washed hair can be harder to style).

  • If you are waxing or shaving, give your skin time to heal before you shoot. (2-3 days).

  • Moisturise your skin for at least 3 days before your shoot and bring some moisturiser with you as well.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes to your session. If you wear tight jeans you will get red marks on your skin. Perfect example of the clothes to wear is seamless gym/yoga pants or track pants and loose shirt or tank top.

  • Cut any tags off lingerie sets.

  • If you need a cut and colour it’s best if you book it one week in advance of your shoot. Otherwise, it can look unnatural if done closer to your shoot.

  • Don’t get a spray tan!! Spray tans can look amazing in person but the camera sees the world differently than us. They will make you look green in the shadows and yellow in the highlights.

  • Maybe bring a snack or two. You could be here for up to 6hrs. I will have snacks in the studio but if you have any special dietary requirements. I may not have anything you can eat here.

The Day Of Your Shoot

Before And After Brisbane Boudoir Natasha


The first thing you will notice when you walk into the studio is that your favourite music is playing. That's because in the questionnaire we asked you who are your favourite artists and we make a custom playlist just for you during your photoshoot.

Before we start your makeover we will go through the outfits you brought and help you narrow them down. We also have a additional accessories in our collection. Once you are settled in we will start hair and makeup. My pro beauty therapist will chat with you about the exact look you are looking for. If you are not sure what type of look you want don't worry you can leave it 100% up to the hair/makeup artist.

During your makeover my beauty therapist will ask you how you are liking things. She will make sure it's exactly what you want. not too dramatic or not to natural depending on the final look you are going for. If your are not happy with the final look no need to worry we can always change things afterwards.

Starting The Photoshoot

Once it's time for the shoot we'll ask you which of the outfits you want to wear first. We will have time for two to three outfit changes. At the beginning of your shoot we will start with simple poses and coach you on exactly on. I don't do static posing with instructions like. Stand over by the window now put your left hand on your hip, right hand on your behind your head, turn your feet this way, kick your hips out more, look over there, turn your head a bit more to the left. lean back a bit. That probably sounds really intimidating! We will pose you by having you do actions like, Start with your hands on your hip and move them up the side of your body. We will do that a few times making little changes along the way. It's super easy and lots more fun than standing still in unnatural feeling poses for two hours. After about hour we will do a outfit change and touch up makeup.

Viewing & Ordering

Canvas Print

After your photoshoot and while you are getting changed I will start getting your photos ready for viewing. That's right! You don't have to wait weeks or even day's. Your photos will be ready for viewing by the time you have finished getting dressed! We start by seeing all of the photos in a sideshow so you can sit back and enjoy them. After we have reviewed them via the sideshow we'll narrow them down to your favourites. Once you have narrowed them down we'll figure out which one of our collections best fits you. or if you want we can make you a custom collection just for you!

Receiving your Order

The week after your photoshoot we will setup a private online galley for you to view your photos and see the editing we have done to the images before we have them printed. When everything is perfect we will send away for your prints and/or albums and you will receive your final image about one - two months after.

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