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What is full size?

The JPG files you will receive will be the highest possible quality. This means they will contain more detail than images that have been resized. When images are resized to be smaller information is lost forever. Full-size images contain all the possible information available. With my digital images, you could view your images on a massive 8k TV, and they will still look amazing with no pixilation!
Full-size images can also be printed as large photographic prints with no enlargements. When images are enlarged to fit large print, details are lost much like making them smaller. My digital image also includes full print rights, which means you are allowed to make your own prints.
I'll never give you subpar size images or try to up-sell you full-size images. You will always receive the best digital files!

No Watermark

Your digital boudoir photos won't have my studio watermark on them.

With studio watermark

No Studio watermark

Colour and Black & White

I will deliver your images in colour and black & white conversions. Deciding if you prefer the colour or the black & white edits can stressful and time-consuming and, giving you only one is not fair to you, so I give you both at no extra cost! No nasty unexpected up-sells!

Easy downloads

Downloading your images couldn't be simpler. You will receive an email with a link to your secret gallery. Follow that link and enter the password that was in the email. Now you can download the photos and save them on your computer or phone.

How to keep your digital photos safe

Keep your photos safe. All too often, digital images are lost or damaged. Digital images are not archival; they require working technology or subscriptions to cloud storage to keep safe and viewable. If your phone, computer, hard drive are damaged, you could lose your photos. My generation takes pictures of everything and prints the least. Digital images are very fragile. One day soon, my generation or our children will try to look back at old photos of ours, and they will struggle to find any.

Backing-up boudoir photo can be tricky due to the nature of them. You probably don't feel safe uploading them to cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Here are a few ways you can keep your boudoir digitals safe. Save the files to a USB or external hard drive. This is a great short-term solution, but it may not hold up in the long-term since hard drives do fail over time. Buying prints of your favourites is the best way to archive them. Making hard copies is a great long term solution to keep your boudoir photos safe. Or don't worry about it. I keep backups of all my photos. If you do lose your photos, I'll happily sent you new copies at no cost!

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