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Your Privacy Is Important

I worry about it so you don’t have to!

Hi there, I hope you have enjoyed looking through my portfolio. All the images on this website and my social media accounts are of women that have signed a model release allowing me to share their photos online. I have great respect for my clients and their privacy. I have gained a reputation for discretion. Your images are kept private by default. You have to opt into having your photo shared online and not vice versa.

When Matthew Hamm of Belle-Vous Photography photographs you, I take many measures to keep your boudoir photos private and secure forever.

No images are ever shared without written consent from my clients. I have received permission from each woman to post her pictures. I will never publish any photos without written consent. Some of my clients are super excited to share and show off their beautiful boudoir images, and others are not due to profession or community commitments. No matter what you decide, I will fully respect your decision.

I have earned an excellent reputation with my clientèle for being discreet. No matter if you are a celebrity or a Mum your images are safe with me. I value your right to privacy. I know it can be a big ask to trust someone else with your private photos. A non-disclosure agreement can be signed upon request if you wish.

I have never lost a client's photos due to data loss. I keep multiple backups of every picture. At last count, I have over 90 terabytes of storage space enabling multiple redundancies of all of my client’s photos. In the event of hard drive failures, my client's picture is still safe.

No need to worry about your photos showing up online at any time in the future. All my photos are stored on encrypted hard drives, so in the unlikely event of loss or theft of my drives, your pictures are still secure.

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