Little People Bodyscape Photographer
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Little People Bodyscape Photographer

Sometimes I get hired to create abstract art nude little people bodyscapes. In this little people bodyscape two canoers riding down a water covered butt and back. This bodyscape was fun to shoot. To get the water effect I asked my makeup artists to spray a bottle with water over Sylph’s back. At first, this didn't quite work out right. The water wasn't pooling is an aesthetically pleasing way. After a little bit of group thinking my makeup artist had the great idea of using a little bit of baby oil to help the water make little droplets. She rubbed a tiny bit of baby oil into Sylph’s skin and then sprayed water over the top. That how we were able to achieve these great looking water droplets.

I shot this bodyscape using my Bowens studio lights. The light was placed behind Sylph’s so she was black lit. This did make getting a sharp focus a little hard and lens flaring was a possibility, but in the end, everyone involved helped make this amazing little people bodyscape.

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