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Bodyscape Photos Brisbane

This stunning bodyscape of Sylph is one of the more traditional art nude bodyscapes I have taken. I love the abstract nature of this style of photo. At a glance, this photo looks like a black and white landscape of rolling hills. This photo was shot using my Bowens studio light set up I have in my Brisbane studio. For this shot, I turned off all my lights except for the one overhead light. She is laying on her belly on a table with a black tablecloth. Because of the way the light hits her body this photo looks like a black and white landscape up’ till you have a closer look.

Bodyscape Wall Art

Bodyscape photos make fantastic wall art. Imagine have a big canvas print of sensual wall art. What makes bodyscape photos great fit for wall art prints is its abstract nature. Most people don’t buy wall art of their boudoir photos because the photos can be embarrassing if someone other than you and your partner sees the artwork. You won't feel embarrassed if other people happen to look at your bodyscape photos since no one will know its a piece of artwork of yourself unless you tell them.

Are you looking to have your own body turned into a piece of fine artwork? I would love to hear from you! I do most of my bodyscape photos in my Brisbane studio, but I can travel to you if you wish.

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