Jumping On The Bed
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Jumping On The Bed

Boudoir photo poses don't have to be static and motionless. My favourite boudoir poses is action posting. I tell my client to do an easy to do action like jump on the bed. This is what I did for this boudoir photo. Jump on a bed is something most people have done before. which means the pose is easy to do and the photo will have more natural feel and expressions

Posing for a boudoir photo shoot can hard to do for some people. The key to great posing is a clear head and not overthinking too much. When doing static posing, it's super easy for the person being photographed to overthink every little detail, Which is a natural reaction to posing for photos. Since most people only have profession photos done once or twice in their lives. It can be tough to get a natural looking photo when someone mind is preoccupied with the thoughts of what should I do with my hands.

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