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Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoors Boudoir Photography Sessions

Do I Shoot Boudoir Sessions Outdoors?

Last year I had so many women wanting to do their boudoir sessions outdoors. Every time they asked if I shoot boudoir outside, I would say yes of course I do. Next, I would show them my galleries of past clients, and they would instantly fall in love with them. Last year I ended up shooting over 20 boudoir sessions outdoors, So I feel I have become the expert of shooting sensual outdoors boudoir in Brisbane.

YES!!! We Can Do Your Boudoir Photoshoot Outside!

Where In Brisbane Can I Do My Outdoor Boudoir Session?

Anywhere you want is the quick & easy answer. Although most of the women I photograph already have a private location in mind when booking their sessions. If you can't find any private property for us to use, a very secluded public place is defiantly an option. I know of a few secret quiet spots around Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

How Do I Find Private Outdoors Location For My Boudoir Photoshoot?

Your best bet is asking friends to use their property. Many of my outdoor boudoir sessions take place at a friends property. Most of us have a friend with an epic backyard pool area or an awesome landscaped backyard. Maybe you know someone with a super rural looking property. If you know someone with access to an impressive-looking private location, ask them if you can use it for a few hours.

No One I Know Has A Private Outdoor Location, What Can We Do?

Don't stress; You still have plenty of options for finding a private outdoor location. Airbnb is very popular with the women I photograph. It's super easy to find a property with a fantastic looking outdoor area for your session.

If you are feeling bolder, you can choose a secluded public area for your boudoir photo shoot. When shooting in a public location, we only likely to see other people from a distance. Though most of the time we don't see anybody else for the entirety of the boudoir shoot. Finding great looking out of the way locations is super easy!

Shooting Boudoir in Pubic? What If Someone See Me?

After all my years shooting boudoir in pubic places, this has never been a major problem for me. Most of the time, we are shooting your boudoir session in a very secluded area. I also have my makeup artist act as a lookout, so if someone is looking like they might get a little to close. You will have plenty of time to cover-up. If we are shooting at the beach covering up is as simple as wrapping a towel around yourself. If we are shooting anywhere else, slipping into a simple one-piece dress work great as well.

I Want To Do A Nude Outdoors Photoshoot, What Is The Location?

Outdoors nude photoshoot are so much fun, and they result in some of the best boudoir photos. As to where we shoot nudes, I strongly recommend we do nude session at a private location. A nude boudoir can be intimidating if it's your first time stripping down in front of a camera. Your shoot will be way less stressful for you if you're not also worrying about being spotted by a passerby (as unlikely that is).

I Have Found Great Location, But It's Not In Brisbane, Can We Still Have My Boudoir Session There?

Yes of course, If it's under a few hours drive from Brisbane I have no problem traveling there. I will need to charge a traveling fee to cover my fuel costs. I have shoot outdoor boudoir sessions up at the Sunshine Coast and down at Byron Bay and many places in-between! If you have the perfect location for your session let me know, I'm more than happy to travel so you can get the best possible photos!

I'm Feeling Anxious About Doing A Outdoors Boudoir Shoot, What Should I Do?

Feeling anxious thinking about doing an outdoor boudoir session is totally natural for most women. If you are apprehensive about doing an outdoors session and the possibility of someone see you. I would recommend doing a boudoir session in my Brisbane studio before doing an outdoors session. Your boudoir will be a day full of laughter and fun times. It will also give a massive confidence boost. By the end of the day, you will be so excited about doing a boudoir session outdoors.

What Time Of Year Is Best For My Photoshoot?

As counter-intuitive it may sound, it is best to avoid the summer months. The weather here in Brisbane can be very unpredictable. One day it can be over 40c and the subsequent day flash flooding! The best time of year for your outdoor boudoir shoot is winter sounds crazy right? But we are super lucky here in Brisbane our winter days are usually 24c-28c with clear skies. With that being said, it is generally pretty safe anytime between April and September.

I love photographing boudoir outdoor. If you are looking for unique photos get in touch!

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