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What Is Boudoir Photography

General Information & Introduction And How To Find Your Perfect Photographer

The concept of boudoir photography is not a new one. Boudoir photography can be traced back to the 1920s when Hollywood celebrities like Clara Bow, Mae West and Jean Harlow were being photographed in this style.

Contemporary boudoir photography is distinct from glamour and art nude photography. Boudoir photography is very different from the glamour photos you see in the magazines your partner only buys for the great articles 😉. It is logical to think the two styles are the same when you see them for the first out of the context of the greater meaning that they have to you and your partner. Boudoir is more suggestive with it's approach to nudity and has an emotional connection and meaning to them.

Finding Your Photographer

Having your portrait taken can be a challenging experience. It not easy for most of us to act calm and natural when a big professorial camera is pointed at you, even when you're fully clothed. Being prepared is the best way to make sure your shoot goes well.

Preparations for your boudoir session should start well in advance of the day of your shoot. The obvious first thing to do is find a photographer. Take your time when deciding which photographer you choose. Find a photographer whose pictures you already love. Don't ask your photographer if they can copy photos of another photographer. Every photographer has formed their style over years of work and trying to replicate someone else's style is incredibly difficult for us.A photographers style is influenced by our studio space, the style of lighting we love using and our own life experiences. If you do find a photographer that will replicate someone else style you will most likely be disappointed when you receive a watered down less creative version of what you were hoping for.

Check Their Reviews

It should be pretty easy to find Google, Yelp! reviews or even check their Facebook page for review. Most photographers that have been in business for a while should have reviews at least one of these places. Take time to read through them and get a feel what other people's experience was. Look for the review that covers the topics you are the most concerned about. This should help give you a good idea of what to expect from your boudoir session.

Be Sure You Are Comfortable Before You Book.

I always recommend meeting with my clients before you make your final decision. We can meet at my studio or at a local cafe. The most important thing is you are 100% comfortable and have all your questions answered before you book. Boudoir can be an extremely vulnerable experience and the only way for you to get the very best pictures out of your session is to be comfortable working with your photographer.

Check When You Will Get Your Photo Back Before You Book

It's very likely you will have a deadline when you need your photos back by. For instance, if your album is a wedding gift for your husband, your album needs to be delivered in time for your wedding.

A Few Other Things To Check For

Be sure you have all the answers before you take the leap. For example be sure to ask if makeup and hair are included in the price. Sometimes it is and sometimes it's not. Here at Belle-Vous Photography makeup and hair is always included in the price. Hopefully this will help you to find your perfect boudoir photographer. If you ask the right questions you will have no trouble finding your perfect photographer! I would love if that photographer was me. Ask me some questions and find out if I'm your perfect photographer

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