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Beautiful Glamour Headshots Brisbane

I love photographing bridal headshots in my Brisbane studio. It’s what I get booked most for since opening my photography business in 2015. There is something extraordinary about this style of portraits that I love taking.

Brisbane Bridal Portraits

Why pre-wedding bridal portraits are a smart idea. While it is great to capture bridal pictures on the wedding day, but sometimes it not very practical to take the time to pose for portraits on the morning of the wedding.

What could be some reasons why a bridal might not be able to sit for a portrait?

  • The wedding day schedule could run late

  • Other photo sessions run late

  • Makeup & hair takes longer than first expected

  • Portraits of the bride are not the top priority on the day

  • Not enough time was set aside for a bridal portrait session

  • Or just something random happens

So what do you do if you what bridal portraits taken? Do them of the day of the wedding or book a pre-wedding photo shoot, or do a post-wedding bridal shoot.

What are bridal portraits?

Pre-wedding bridal portraits are what I’m booked for mostly. Thought over the past couple of years I have been hired for post-wedding pictures more often.

What are pre-wedding bridal portraits? Naturally, these are any bridal portrait session that is taken before the wedding. These can be many different styles boudoir, glamour, beauty, etc. Boudoir photo is usually a gift that the bride gives her groom on the morning of the wedding. Glamour and beauty style photos are a favourite for brides to use as displays at the reception and on other decorations during the wedding.

What is a post-wedding bridal portrait session? As the name suggests, these photos are taken after the wedding but before the honeymoon. The style of photos is the same as the pre-wedding photos the only difference is the portrait is after the wedding. Post-wedding photo shoots have become way more popular over the last few years. I think the reason why is after the wedding all the wedding pressure is now off the bride and she can now take some time and relax, celebrate and wear her wedding outfit one last time for a bridal portrait session.

When To Book Bridal Portraits

If you want to do bridal portraits, it’s important to know when you need the photos by. If it’s a boudoir session gift for your groom then it best you book at latest two months before your wedding date. The same is true if you plan on using the photos as wedding decorations. The timing on post-wedding bridal portraits are less critical it common to book the session for a few days after the wedding but just after the honeymoon is also a popular choice. No matter when you decide to schedule a bridal portrait session, I can guarantee it will be a super fun experience!!!

Book Your Bridal Portrait Session

Want to book your portrait session? I would love to hear from you. I specialise in bridal boudoir, glamour and beauty. I hope to hear from you soon!

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