Meet Matt And The Team


Hi I'm Matthew. I Only Photograph Awesome Women!

Is That You?

Matthew Belle-Vous Photographer

Matthew Belle-Vous Photographer

Matthew Hamm


When I not working I'm usually out exploring with my camera taking stunning landscapes around Brisbane. Also I'm currently brushing up on my Japanese in preparation for my next overseas trip.    

Melody Belle-Vous makeup artist

Melody Belle-Vous makeup artist

Melody Caitlin

Hair and Makeup Artist

When Melody isn’t at the studio, she will be travelling around Brisbane and the Gold Coast doing bridal makeup and makeup for fashion shows. And don’t get her started talking about Game of Thrones.

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The Boudoir Journey


Every woman in my life, from my Mum, my girlfriend to my closet female friends, are nothing short of the most incredible people I know, and you are incredible as well. Your whole life you have given and loved without asking for anything in return, but you have forgotten to take a few minutes to appreciate how amazing you really are. It’s my goal to help give you those few minutes to appreciate yourself. Boudoir is empowering: every time you see your photos it will revitalise your body, mind and soul. It gives you those few minutes in your everyday life to appreciate yourself and see that you are beautiful and perfect. Boudoir is more than photographs in lingerie. It’s about seeing past your flaws and conquering your fears and letting go and believing in yourself. I am here to help you start seeing how amazing you really are and to stating falling in love with yourself.


Why I Shoot Boudoir

As a male photographer, one of the most common questions I get is “why Boudoir?” The answer is pretty simple really it doesn’t just empower you, it also empowers me too. It gives me a chance to actually show you how beautiful you are. Let’s be honest if just said to every women I’ve photographed “you’re beautiful” most of you won’t believe me. I get to go behind the camera and capture images of you that are so beautiful you will start believing. So much so I’ve seen tears of joy when some women see their images for the first time. I get to be a part of showing and not just telling you how incredible you really are. I can’t think of doing anything more amazing than this.


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