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Brisbane Little People Bodyscape Photographer

This a little people art nude bodyscape shot with Sylph was entertaining to create. At first glance it just looks like a crop harvester on hilly farm terrain. But no actually it’s harvesting something much diffident haha. Bodyscape are photographs of the nude human form that are shot in such a way that a first glance the photo appears to be a photo of a black and white landscape. This bodyscape makes the nude human form fun. In prep for this shoot I bought a ton of little miniature people figurines and vehicles, luckily this toy harvester was one of them. There was a lot of laughter in my Brisbane studio during this shoot haha.

I love these types of over the top bodyscapes because I’m able to add a little bit of light-hearted humour into the image. This bodyscape never fails to get a fun reaction from anyone that sees it. It may take a few minutes till they get it but when they do expect to hear laughter.

I lit this scene from behind with my Bowens Gemini 500R studio lights with a 35x140cm strip box softbox. Lighting is the most important detail to get right when shooting bodyscapes. Bad lighting can very easily ruin the illusion. The key to a good bodyscape photo is even when it becomes clear it is a photo of the human body the first reality should remain

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Location: Belle-Vous Photography - Boudoir Photography Brisbane - 4 Fryer Close Bellbowrie QLD 4070.

Keywords: Black and white (246), Bodyscape (48), Sylph Sia (141). 1/180; f/8.0; ISO 200; 90.0 mm.

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