14 Gift and Activities Ideas For Valentines Day In Brisbane
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14 Gift and Activities Ideas For Valentines Day In Brisbane

Valentine's Day is the best day of the year. It gives you the opportunity to express your love in a way that you can best think of. You have the freedom to get wild and take your lover to the destination of their dreams. However, what most people tend to forget is that Valentine's Day is not about the greatness of the gift. The monetary value of a valentines gift does not matter as much as its intrinsic value. Every little gesture counts and most people appreciate spending time together than expensive gifts. Whatever you chose to gift your partner, make sure it speaks to their heart. It should be a gesture that shows you care for them. Among the millions of valentines gifts ideas, you may be spoiled for choices. Here are some simple ideas that can turn your 2019 Valentines Day into a memorable life experience.

1. Go For A Romantic Hike

Nature is a natural medicine to the soul. If you and your partner never have time to hang out and talk, a hike will help the two of you appreciate each other. This is particularly an excellent gift for couples who are so busy with life. If you only meet in the evening and never get to do activities together, use the valentines day to hike. You do not need to go to a fancy place for hiking as long as there are hiking trails near where you live. However, if you have the money, opt for a distant hiking destination. At a distance location, you can enjoy your day together as you bond and eventually end the day with a nice dinner or personal time at a good hotel. This will make the day perfect for both of you. Popular hiking trails around Brisbane are:

  • Summit Track, Mt Coot-tha
  • Northbrook Gorges, Brisbane Forest Park
  • Lake Manchester Loop, Lake Manchester
  • Morelia walking track, Mt Nebo, D’Aguilar National Park
  • Mermaid Mountain, Brisbane Forest Park
  • Devils Break Loop, Moggill Regional Park

2. The Traditional Dinner Date

There is a reason why people still love dinner dates. There is something special about being alone with the man you love in public. Women have a misconception that men do not care about being loved or appreciated. The problem with men is that they do not like showing their emotions. Take him out for a special dinner instead of the usual spaghetti at home. If you are a lady and choose to take your man out, let it be your treat. Don't sit there expecting him to pay the bill. Paying the bill once in a year won't get you broke. The important thing is that a dinner date speaks to the heart of your lover. Choose a place you know he or she will love.

3. Picnic in The Park

As simple it sounds, a picnic in the park is the best way to develop love. A simple picnic in the park shows that you appreciate each others company. This would be a good idea for couples who have been spending so much money on valentines before. Get out of the tradition and go for something simple. This gesture will stick in your memory forever and will serve the purpose of reminding you that love is more significant than money. There are many private and public parks where you can enjoy playing games, swimming, and relaxing. It is an excellent time to have one on one conversations and plan your life together too. Here are a few ideas about where to have a romantic picnic:

  • Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Kangaroo Point
  • City Botanic Gardens, Brisbane CBD
  • Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens, Mt Coot-tha
  • Roma Street Parklands, Spring Hill

4. New Set of Romantic Lingerie

He probably wishes you dressed in a certain way when coming to bed but he has never had the guts to tell you. This is the perfect day to surprise him. A set of romantic lingerie will undoubtedly go to grab his attention at bedtime. A new set of underwear is suggestive. If you are looking to spice things up, this gift can certainly heat things. The lingerie shops I recommend are:

5. Go Dancing

Dancing is good for the body and your spirit. Dancing helps people attain happiness and feel light-hearted. The perfect Valentine's Day needs the two of you in a good mood. You must both be happy and enjoying yourselves. A dancing date will not only help you have fun but will also create an environment for intimacy. The type of dance you choose depends on your age and your partner's preferences. You can go for a romantic dance such as ballerina or Salsa. You may also wish to have fun at a club dance for young couples.

6. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

As already mentioned, the important thing on the big day is to spend your time together. If you choose to watch the sunrise and sunset together, you have to spend your day together. Even if you do not spend it together, both of you must be around during sunrise and sunset. Choose a perfect location where you can watch the sunrise and sunset without disruptions. A hotel room near the beach will make the experience memorable. You can also view the sunrise from your hotel room and venture out on a yacht ride in the evening to watch the sunset from the middle of the sea. The best spots to view sunrises and sunsets:

  • Woody Point Jetty, Woody Point
  • Nudgee Beach, Nudgee
  • Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Kangaroo Point
  • Wilson’s Lookout Reserve, Bowen Terrace
  • Mount Coot-tha lookout, Mount Coot-tha
  • Cape Moreton, Moreton Island

7. Boudoir Photos

This is one of the most suggestive valentines gift ideas. There are many activities for couples, but when you find yourself taking photos that are suggestive, you should be ready to culminate your day with some hot passionate lovemaking. This idea can be combined with the one where you buy her a set of romantic lingerie. After you purchase the lingerie book the photo shoot and keep the album for the memories.

8. Visit A Zoo

Visiting the zoo may sound like a cliche, but it is an exciting Valentines Day activity. You do not only get to spend time together, but you also interact with fellow romantics visiting the zoo. You can use this idea to surprise your partner if he or she loves animals. The zoo is one of the unique gift ideas. Few people think of spending their valentines at the zoo. The whole point of Valentines Day is making is unique and memorable. Australia Zoo and Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary are great places to go.

9. Go To Museums And Art Galleries

A visit to the museum would be perfect for the lovers day. This is primarily a good idea if your partner loves art. You can take this opportunity to treat your love to one thing that they enjoy. If you know that he or she is into a particular type of art, find the specific museum and surprise your love with this gift. Visiting art galleries is one of the unique date ideas. You get to have personal time while at the same time you gift your love with the most memorable experience. The Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)is a personal favourite of mine.


When it comes to karaoke, it does not matter whether you know to sing or not. Singing together is one of the most romantic activities you can do together. You connect at a deeper level when you choose your favourite romantic song and sing it to each other. No matter how sore your voice may sound, your lover wants to hear the words. Find a good Karaoke joint and spend the valentine's day together as you interact with other couples.

11. Book a Hotel For The Night

The whole point of booking a hotel for the night is getting out of the house. Go to a different environment and try to find the spark in your romance. This is a fantastic Valentines Day gift for couples. Most couples struggle to find the best activities after being married for long. If you are already in marriage and want to light up the fire again, take your partner to a night out in a special place.

12. Sex Toys For Her and Him

This is one of the unique gift ideas, and it is not for everyone. You know your partner well and know how much open-minded they are about sexual matters. If you enjoy sex together and use toys or talk about them, this would be the perfect day to introduce some new toys for him or her. Sex toys are suggestive, and you will probably celebrate your Valentine's Day in a romantic, sexual exploration.

13. Recreate Your First Date

This is the epitome of romance for any couple. If you have been together for more than five years, the idea of recreating your first date beats all the others. It takes you back to when your love was young and pure. This is one of the best valentines day activities for couples. If your passion has been fading away, a trip down the memory lane will help you realise just how much important she or he is to you. You will start appreciating each other more than you did before.

14 New bed sheets

Bedsheets speak it out loudly- tonight we are doing it differently. Bedsheets, just like sex toys and lingerie, are suggestive of a passionate sexual encounter. Your gift will not only help you enjoy the night but will remain memorable. You will both remember this day every time you have a look at your bedsheets.

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