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I often get asked “ how do you get such natural and in love emotional expressions in my bridal boudoir photos” I know a lot of boudoir photographers will try stage emotional reactions with posing. But I don’t do that! I believe emotions should come organically with actions happening naturally. I tell the women I photography if you want a particular emotion in your photo you need to provide it. While that might sound hard to expect someone to show a specific emotion, but it’s easier to do than it seems. I try to take the time to talk with my clients and educate them about the emotions to show during a boudoir shoot, and I let her take it from there! I give a little bit of advice during the session, but I let her dictate the emotions she shows.

Emotional Bridal Boudoir Photography

Over posing will never look the same a natural emotions. Posing does have its place in boudoir photography, but for Bridal boudoir can be to the detriment to the final images. I understand that many women don’t know how to stand, smile or what to do with their hands when posing for a bridal bridal boudoir shoot. I reassured my clients that all they need to be is themselves. My bridal boudoir shoots are not rushed, so my client’s have all day to feel comfortable and get Into the groove of doing a boudoir shoot. No matter who you are I will take beautiful portraits of yourself to give to your groom on your wedding day!

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If you are getting married in Brisbane, I’d love to hear from you about booking a bridal boudoir session!

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