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5 Lingerie Advice for Every Woman

I hear a ton of lingerie advice from women I work with. Most of the advice, while well intentioned is pretty generic. You know what I mean: get a bra fitting, don’t wear the same bra more than one day in a row, have at least one bra that matches your skin tone, and so on.

I've put together a few things I think every woman should keep in mind when it comes to their intimate’s.

1. Affordable is subjective. One of the most popular questions I get asked, “Where can I find affordable lingerie?” I understand what people are trying to ask but “Affordable” is very subjective. What’s a good price for one person could very well be too high (or too low!) for you.

2. Lingerie is about how it makes you feel. Don’t get me wrong…it’s great if you’ve found some lacey knickers to help out with your sex life, but lingerie is more than just spicing up your sex life. Wear it for you; the whole point of lingerie is to make you feel awesome. The layer closest to your skin should help you feel comfortable and confident and amazing and awesome all day long. If that’s not happening, that’s big problem. Start moving beyond the bedroom and start wearing lingerie that makes you feel awesome all day.

3. A lot of bands do make your size. A common thing my clients tell me is no one makes sexy bras above a D cup or below an A cup. Ladies, that is simply not true. Now you may not be able to find those bras in your local shopping centre, but they are out there, and part of being a proactive consumer is looking around before giving up. There have never (and I mean NEVER) been more lingerie options available for women at either side of the size spectrum than right now. Whether you’re a 28AA, a 42N, or a 50DD, you just have to look (Google is your best friend).

4. Everything is not going to fit you perfectly. That’s okay. It’s true for everywoman, and it’s not always the fault of the lingerie. If you’re an E cup, a flimsy bralette is going to look different on you than on a B cup. If you have shallow boobs, you won’t fill out a bullet bra the same way someone with full boobs does. Trial-and-error when it comes to what brands are best for your body and when you do find something that works, buy it…because that brand has already shown you that you’re their target customer.

5. Don’t feel ashamed about your lingerie choices. If you like really skimpy X-rated lingerie, embrace it. If you only wear the vintage stuff, go for it. If it’s silk 24/7 for you, fine and if you prefer plain, organic cotton briefs, that’s great also. Everyone is different and what you like is what you like, and that’s great. Don’t feel ashamed about your choices. If it’s being made, that means someone else is buying it also.

Hope you found this advice helpful

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

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