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6 questions to ask when choosing your boudoir photographer

Boudoir photos are perfect gift for a birthday, wedding night, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or just because! Boudoir photography has been gaining popularly with woman for years because it’s fun, and it’s a gift he’ll never forget but not all boudoir photographers are the same. You should choose yours with the same discernment as selecting your wedding photographer.

Here are 6 questions to consider when you’re choosing your boudoir photographer.

1. Do you love the boudoir photographer’s style?

  • When you're selecting your boudoir photographer, consider:

  • Lighting style—natural light or flash

  • Shooting location—traditional photo studio with backdrops, hotel-like studio setups, hotel rooms and B&Bs, or even your home

  • Client styling—from fully clothed, lingerie, costumes and nudes, this can run the gamut

  • Posing—traditional model poses to a more natural feel

  • Point of view—direct eye contact to a more voyeuristic point of view

  • Post processing—raw and gritty or romantic and dreamy, soft or vivid colours, obviously retouched skin and body silhouettes or subtly retouched skin and natural body silhouettes.

2. How much experience does the photographer have?

Lots of photographers offer boudoir photography, but only a few actually specialize in it. Boudoir photography is a true specialty. It takes experience to know how to light and pose women so the portraits are classy, and so their best attributes shine through. It also takes finesse to make a woman feel comfortable when they’re dressed in next to nothing. A great boudoir experience will make you feel amazing about yourself. A bad boudoir experience can hurt.

3. Who are you more comfortable with: a woman or a man?

I believe women and men photograph boudoir differently. Women lean toward the romantic, aiming to please you. Men tend to go for a sexier and grittier look, aimed at pleasing your fiancé and are you comfortable having your intimate portraits made by a man?

4. Do you click with this person who may see you naked?

It’s likely your boudoir photographer will see parts of your naked body. It must be easy for you to develop trust—and fast—with this person or your uncertainty will show in every photograph.

Read the photographer’s about page. Read the testimonials. And then call her (or him) on the phone. If you’re not comfortable when you talk, they may not be right for you

5. Do you like what the photographer offers?

From the number of outfit changes to having hair styling and makeup included in your session fee, and from digital portraits to beautiful albums and wall art—make sure you are hiring someone who actually sells what you want to purchase.

  • Many boudoir photographers, for example, do not offer digital images. Others only offer digital images.

  • Some include hair and makeup in their session fee, and others charge extra for it.

  • Some show retouched photos and others show unedited photos.

  • Some offer online gallery viewing and others have you come back and pay to view and order photos.

6. Is this photographer in your budget?

  • Many boudoir photographers’ websites will give you a starting point and a ballpark figure of what her average client invests. Make sure you're absolutely clear about what you will receive for your investment.

  • While deal sites can look like a bargain, you're probably not getting everything that’s in the photographer’s regular sessions (fewer outfits, extra charge for hair and makeup), and you'll definitely end up purchasing more products than that single 8×10 print that’s included.

  • If you really want to work with a particular photographer but she seems out of reach, ask if she offers payment plans. Or, ask your friends and bridesmaids for gift certificates to help with the cost.

Have a great time!

Your boudoir session should make you feel great about your experience, your photos and the products you purchase. I hope these questions help you pick the best boudoir photographer for you!

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