Finding the perfect location for your escort photo shoot

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The location of your shoot is one of the most important aspects of escort photography. I advise my clients against using their incall location. Do you think have photos online showing the layout and possibly the location of your incall? Also, does your incall have appealing light or room to shoot lots of different angles? Most of my clients will rent a luxury hotel room or use my studio space. Try to think outside the box when choosing a location. Brisbane has a great climate and is near awesome beaches and bushland. Photos outside the bedroom can be excellent for escort images.

The best location is the one the fits your personality Once we have found the ideal location for your shoot. Enjoy the photo shoot and have fun. Your shoot is your time to shine, relax and have fun. Your photo shoot should be full of laughter and suggestive body language. My favourite shoots are the ones that tell a story. Beginning to end your shoot will let your clients know what to expect.


How to find the right escort photographer

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The first thing you should do is to ask other escorts who took their photos. If only live in a small city you will most likely find there are only a few trusted discreet photographers. After you have found a photographer be upfront with them and tell them why you're booking a photo shoot them. Some photographers won't like their photos used to advertise escorts.

When looking a photographers portfolio look and see if the photos match your ideas. Also see if the photographer is open to your vision. If don't think you have fun work with a photographer find a different one. If you're not having fun it will show in the final photos.

At the end of the day shoot with the professorial photographer. One that understands why you need to keep things discreet.


What to Wear to your escort photoshoot?

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Escort photography is way to get suggestive photos while maintaining sophistication and class. One of most common questions I get is "What should I wear to the photo shoot".

I always say wear something comfortable. A photo shoot is different than when you are with a client. You could be wearing the same set of lingerie for over 1 hour. If your sexiest lingerie is uncomfortable it will be hard to look sexy when you are in pain. Don't go for the lingerie that a pornstar would wear. It's best if you buy classy looking lingerie that will make the images look sophisticated and alluring. Your images should imply a striptease. Picking outfits that will help capture the seductive moment just before disrobing. These type of images will leave the viewer wanting more.

Also before your photo shoot please avoid wearing anything tight. anything with tight straps will leave marks on the skin that can sometimes take 1 hour to go away. wear very loose clothing and underwear when you travel to your photo shoot