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Celebrate your unique beauty and style with a makeover portrait photoshoot with Belle-Vous Photography. We personalize your photography experience to bring out your best. Our bespoke sessions combine contemporary portrait photography with professional makeup and hair styling. You can pick any look you want, high fashion, glam, pin-up or playful and fun.

We all have body hang-up but these don’t need to stop you from star treatment. You are in good hands with our amazing makeup artist and they will be there from start to finish to ensure you are at your best.    



Your photographer should not be judging you in anyway what so ever. I’ve had the luck of photographing some incredible women that were terrified by the idea of photos of themselves and what I was going to thinking of because of their decisions. I’ve had women that thought they were going to be scrutinised for showing a nipple or to be nude or even choosing to do their glamour shoot fully clothed. I haven’t lived your life so I don’t know why you made that decision and I don’t judge your decision. A photographer who is judgemental and questions their client’s decisions won’t be respectful of them. When you are half naked in front of the camera you are at a place of great vulnerably, physically and mentally. If the photographer doesn’t truly care about you, you can also start thinking negative things about yourself.



If you’re in doubt, send us an email via our contact form or at Our approach is very simple. We won’t send you a thousand emails hounding you to book your photo shoot NOW!!! or ELSE!!! We want to help you find out if a glamour photoshoot with us is right for fit you. We are happy to show you how we work and if you want you can organise to see our studio before you decide if we are right for you. There’s no question too big or small. We are one of Brisbane's best glamour photographers and our glamour photography is a full bespoke experience for each of our customers. We will help you in a non-judgemental way and in complete private. Send us an email to see of our glamour is right experience for you.      

Matthew Hamm

Owner and Photographer at Belle-Vous Photography


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