When to start planning your bridal boudoir session?

And a few tips on how to make the most of it!

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Congratulations he finally asked the big question!!

Now you are thinking of taking the plunge and booking a boudoir photo session, it's never too early to start planning for it! Boudoir photos make a awesome surprise gift to give your groom on your wedding day but it could take longer then you think to receive the final photos. Ideally you should start planning your boudoir session at the same time you start wedding your planning.

Start by making a private Pinterest mood board and fill it with images that inspire you. You can start this now by just heading over to our Pinterest page. After you have found a style you love the look of you can start looking for photographers that shoots a similar style. You place a lot of trust in your photographer so take your time when deciding. Check their portfolio and send them an email and ask tons of questions big and small. Communication is key when looking for your boudoir photographer any mixed signals can ruin your photos and lead to disappointment. Before any of my clients decide to  book I take the time to chat with them in-person.

Below you will find my boudoir checklist.

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Bridal Boudoir Checklist

12-9 months before your wedding

Get inspired! Start a Pinterest mood board

  • Begin researching all the different styles of boudoir and fill a Pinterest board with inspiration images.

Work out your budget

  • Determine how much you would like to spend and start contacting photographers who's style match's your mood board.

Pick your photographer

  • Hire a photographer that is open to the style you want.
  • Book your session 5-6 months before your wedding day.


9-6 months before your wedding

Start organising your outfits

  • Start shopping for your wedding lingerie and chat with your photographer about what will look the best in the photos.

Don't forget about props and accessories


5-6 months before your wedding (1 week before your boudoir shoot)

  • Schedule your manicure, pedicure and waxing
  • Hydrate! Water equals luminous skin and avoid drinking too much alcohol.
  • Avoid any type of tanning, your natural skin tone will look so much better than any tanning

Day your shoot

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing, to avoid marks on your skin
  • Have clean hair and moisturised skin
  • Eat something light but filling
  • Wear clear deodorant
  • Arrive a few minutes early to give yourself to unpack
  • Finally Relax and have fun!

Let's Chat!

I love getting to know everyone before they book their boudoir photography session! Our in-studio consultations are welcome to you at no charge. It's a fantastic way for us the meet in person. We can discuss ideas, show you samples, answer all your questions, discuss makeup and hair with our makeup artist, chat pricing and get the ball rolling!

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