Professional Makeup & Hair Styling? Why do I need That?

Brisbane Boudoir Makeup and Hair Styling

I always include a professional makeover by a professional makeup artist and hair stylist with every one of our boudoir sessions. When first started Belle-Vous Photography professional hair and makeup was an option that used to be optional add on to your session. This was a big mistake on my part!

Professional makeup and hair stylists are worth their weight in gold!

A Professional knows how to apply makeup for photography. The camera never quite captures makeup with as much colour and vibrancy as in real life. Light bouncing off from powerful studio lighting will make makeup look less dramatic. Even if looking for a natural look more makeup will be needed to be used than in real life

Professional makeup and hair decreases the time I need to spend retouching your boudoir images. You will see the finished images faster. Normally your boudoir images are ready for previewing the next day!

The main core idea behind a shoot with Belle-Vous Photography is to give you that full super model experience. We spend the same amount of effort that goes into any big lingerie photo shoot that Vogue, Victoria Secret Magazine or a Honey Bridgette catalogue. Professional hair, makeup, lighting, posing, post production. It’s all part of the super model experience.   

You decide the style you want. We will discuss this at your in-person pre-shoot consultation. You can go as natural or as high glam as you want

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5 Ways to Make Your Legs Appear Longer, Leaner and Sexier | Brisbane Boudoir

Long Legs Brisbane Boudoir

Practically all of us wish to have long, lean legs that seem to be going on for miles. However, few among us have those supermodel-legs, keeping all those who don't thinking of methods to add a few inches. While most use Photoshop to make their pictures look much better, what to do in life? The answer is simple enough; a few styling tricks can actually create the illusion of long legs, making you look tall and skinnier.

1. Selecting the Right Shoes

One of the simplest ways to add a few extra inches to your legs is by wearing high-heels and stilettos. They don't simply add inches but additionally make your legs appear to be leaner. Look for shoes with a pointed-toe or an open-toe. When you are picking out heels, go for the pointed, pencil heels. However, those who don't find these heels comfortable can look for wedge heels as an alternative. Another thing to remember is to steer clear of covering your ankle using ankle-straps or boots for the reason that they can make legs look dumpier.

2. Match Your Shoe Colour
You should always wear the shoes of the same colour as your hosiery or pants. It creates the impression of a single and clean line. To add to it, you can wear a monotonic color for the complete outfit which can make your legs look even longer. If you use dark colors in matching shades for your entire ensemble, your legs can look longer as well as leaner.

3. Put on a Dress
Pants can highlight the waist line significantly more while a dress or a skirt can keep others guessing exactly where your legs begin. Therefore, switch from pants to dresses or skirts but be sure to choose the right style. Select the types that are straight yet not way too tight or narrow. The most popular way to create an illusion of lengthy legs is to wear skirts with vertical patterns such as pinstripes, frequently in classic, contrasting colours.

4. Choose the Right Hemline
Regardless of what you decide to wear, the right hemline is very essential for a perfect look. The right hemline is the one that grazes the ground, no matter what you choose to wear. You really should have separate pants to wear with high-heels and with flat shoes, both long enough to touch the ground. If you are wearing a skirt, make sure it finishes just before the knees and pair it with hosiery and matching high-heels.

5. Waistline
Even if low-waist pants seem to be fairly popular, you should avoid them if you want to make your legs look longer. Wear your pants a bit higher on the waist and make others believe that your legs begin at a higher level. Compliment your look with short shirts that don't go past the high waistline or tuck in your shirts for emphasis. 

With these handful of straightforward suggestions, you can effortlessly add a couple of illusionary inches to your legs!





1.      Talk with your photographer

This may sound obvious, but it’s the most important thing to do.Have a conversation with them about their style. Don’t be shy ask us lots questions.

Boudoir styles vary vastly from soft, gentle, sweet and suggestive to dark, moody and provocative. We need to be on the same page or it could lead to disappointment. Also, ask about the level of photoshop editing the photographer will use. Editing styles can range from removing every blemish and body reshaping to retouching only a few things so to keep your natural beauty. Mixed signals about editing style can also lead to disappointment.   

 2.      Do a bit of lingerie shopping

Even If you have an overflowing underwear draw with lots of choices, use this experience as an excuse to give your lingerie draw an overhaul. This is the perfect opportunity to throw out your old lingerie and start afresh. Or at least invest in three or four beautiful sets.

Confidence is the ultimate accessory for a successful shoot. Beautiful lingerie is one of the elements that contributes to your confidence. Your new lingerie also doubles as a little surprise for your partner!

3.      Use Props in your boudoir session

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous prior to your boudoir shoot, ask your photographer about props. I recommend a beautiful floral bouquet. It will give you a little bit of coverage so making the photos more suggestive as opposed to overt. Another good idea is to use one of your partner's shirts it makes for a really sensual and personal image.

4.      Pre-Shoot prep

Drink lots of water in the lead up to your boudoir shoot, avoid alcohol as it can dry your skin and increase redness. Don’t get a fake tan. The orange marks are a photographer's worse nightmare and a really tough to edit out. The night before make sure you get a good nights sleep

5.      Prep your poses

Jump on Pinterest and pin your favourite images in advance. Check out our Pinterest to get started