What It's Like Being A Male Boudoir Photographer 


Boudoir photography is generally a female photographer dominated style. So what's it like being a male in female dominated industry?


Starting My Photography Journey 

I'll start off what quicky it was like starting out and building my photography brand.

When I first started getting into photography I wasn't really sure what I really wanted to do or where my photography would take me. I was living in Redcliffe. If you know anything about Redcliffe you probably know it has lots of beaches and jetty's so I got my start taking landscapes like the ones below.


I spent this time learning how to best use my camera. Learning the different camera settings and basic composition. Somewhere in this time, I decided to go to photography school. For me, the time and money investment of going to photography school was definitely worth it. It was really eye-opening and helped me grow as a person.

Why I Shoot Boudoir

Why I decided to specialise in boudoir photography. To put it simply I just want to make people feel awesome about being themselves! I know all to well the feeling of having low self esteem and anxiety. My goal with Belle-Vous Photography is to make everyone feel amazing  about being themselves.


Not Gender Specific     

When I was finished at school I didn't have a pre-established photography brand to build on when I started Belle-Vous Photography, I started from scratch. I didn't have any well-established past clientele to help me build up my brand and when I first starting shooting boudoir and I worried most women wouldn't want a shoot with me simply because of my gender. I did a bit of research to see if the idea of male boudoir wasn't as crazy as it kinda seemed at the time. I found out some women actually prefer a male photographer over a female one and If the photographer is professional and respectful the gender of the photographer doesn't matter. The final art work still holds the same value and after a being a boudoir photographer for years now this still holds true now.    

During my research the general consensus among photographers and bloggers was males shoot more edgy and sexy styles and females shoot softer and less provocative. I don't know where this idea first came from but I don't think it's accurate at all. I've seen female photographers shoot really edgy provocative stuff and males shoot soft and airy. It really just comes down to each photographers individual style and not their gender. 


The Challenges

The biggest challenge wasn't finding finding clients that wanted or didn't mind I was a male photographer. Women book a boudoir session with me because they love my work. Male or female it didn't matter it was only the quality of my photos that mattered to them.  

The biggest challenges is easing my clients nerves. For most women a boudoir session well outside of their comfort zone. Stripping down and baring it all regardless of who is behind the camera male or female can be really hard to do. To help overcome them these nerves I find myself asking lots of questions. These are anywhere from "what's your favourite type of music?" or "How did you meet your partner?" The goal of these questions is to ease my clients nerves and let them know my studio is a save friendly space. I also don't rush my boudoir sessions, I only book one boudoir client per day. I've had some super quick 30 min sessions and a few 9 hour epics. Everyone is unique and I create a unique boudoir experience for each one of the women I photograph. As the session progresses any nerves start to fade away and my clients start to loosen up and become more carefree.


My Work Style

For me a boudoir session is not as simple as telling my client where and how to pose. Boudoir photography is a very personal and intimate. There is more to it than just poses. The most challenging part of every boudoir session is easing nerves and giving my clients time to emotionally open up to me. My goal with every photo shoot it to capture the real person and not a fake over posed version of them. The only way my images will really speak to my clients is if they can really see themselves in the images. This can be something as simple as capturing a real natural smile, which you can probably imagine can be really hard to capture when they're only wearing lingerie in-front of a stranger. I spend a lot of time getting to know everyone I photograph. So much it's common after my photo shoots my clients will say something like "This feels like we are long lost friends and we just spent the last few hours catching up and reminiscing."

By the time they see their beautiful finished photos my clients are over the moon with joy. This is because I'm a professional boudoir photographer.