What To Wear To Your Boudoir Shoot

What To Wear

When preparing for your boudoir session, it can seem daunting trying to figure out what to wear. The main objective is to choose outfits you are comfortable in and something that suits your unique style!


Your Wardrobe

It’s a good idea to bring LOTS of outfit options – I can assist you in selecting the best variety of looks to make your session the best experience it can be.

Think about what you want to show off and what mood you want your photos to have, and plan your outfits around that. I’m happy to help you with suggestions on what to buy!

Accessorize! Great items to bring to any session are jackets, sweaters, vests, plain-old tank tops, scarves and anything else you can think of!

Most importantly, wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable!

The worst feeling would be trying to take pictures in an outfit you feel self-conscious in, so just wear what you love and makes you happy!

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