Sexy in Blue

When picking out your outfit for your boudoir photography there is lots to consider, Bra & panties, Corset, Bustier, Teddies and babybolls the list goes on and on but the colour is one of the most important things. The colour of your outfit can radically change the mood of your final images 

Psychology of Blue

When you are out next have a look around you will probably find blue is the most worn colour. It can be bright, pale royal blue and navy and they all have different psychology effects. Darker tones suggest authority (navy blues of police uniforms) and they entail more respect than lighter blues. Light blues are more associated with have fun and being at clam. Blue is associated with intelligence, trust, efficiency, peaceful, and serenity. No wonder its most peoples’ favourite colour!

Sexy Blue Outfit Ideas

Here a few photos to help you decide what shade of blue is best for your boudoir session.