Why Boudoir Photos Can Take So Long To Get Back


Why Boudoir Photos Can Take So Long To Get Back

One of the most common questions people asked before booking a photo shoot is “How long will it take to get my photos?” You don’t always have to wait forever, but if you are hiring a photographer that really cares about the quality of the final product you receive It might take a decent amount of time. Every photographer will quote different times. We quote 6-8 weeks for our albums and printed products and our digital-only collections we quote 2 weeks or less! One thing to remember is there is no standard turnaround time, so don’t assume that every photographer will take the same amount of time and the time year can also greatly affect how long things can take.

I have been developing my workflow over the years to the point it's a well-oiled efficient machine that can deliver images quickly but also deliver the highest quality. Let’s have a look at my process.

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Step 1 Upload and Backup.

The second the shoot is over I’m uploading and backing up all the photos from your shoot. I have two hard drives in my computer and 1 external USB hard drive and a NAS drive. I save copies of every photo to these 4 hard drives for safe keeping. This is all happing while you are getting change back into your clothes.

Step 2 Viewing and Picking

My favourite part of the shoot is the viewing. I do same day viewings, so only a few minutes after your shoot the photos will be available for viewing. During your viewing, we will sit down and go through all the photos together and we will pick the best photos from the shoot. Next, if you are ordering an album I will design a draft album layout for you. This all takes about an hour or so to do.


Step 3 Even More Backups

What!? Even more backups?? Once everything is finalised and you have picked out your favourites I will do another round of backing up to my encryptied off site cloud storage and to another USB drive that I keep in a fire safe. At the end, I will have a total of 6 backups of your photos. 6 backups crazy right! But not to me, your photos are important to me and I know they are to you!

Step 4 Lots of Coffee

Now I start editing your photos. Every edit starts off with simple colour corrections and then each image is retouched and fine-tuned in Photoshop. Editing is the most time extensive part of the process. Just one photo shoot can take over 10-20 hours to edit.


Step 5. Finalising your order

Finally, once all of the photos are edited I will upload the photos and album layout into password protected gallery on my website. Once we have finalised the layout of your album I will send it off for printing and delivery to you.

That it that’s my process. On average each boudoir photo shoot is 40-50 hours work. I work long and hard hours to deliver the highest quality quickly. One thing to remember is I’m not just working with one client at a time. I will usually be working with more than four clients at the same time and then theres all the other business stuff I need to do. It’s a big delicate balancing act.