Helpful Do’s & Don’ts

Helpful Do’s & Don’ts

We want you to look and feel your best on your special day so here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  • Do have lingerie that fits you properly & don’t wait until the last minute if shopping for new items
  • Do wear matching nail polish on fingers and toes or clear polish (Get a pro manicure & pedicure)
  • Do moisturize your skin in the morning ( do not use moisturizer with sunscreen
  • Do bring a few outfits to be photographed in. Extra stockings in case of a run
  • Do use pantyhose instead of thigh high’s for larger legs. Large diamond fishnet pantyhose great!
  • Do bring sexy high heels, thigh high boots also look awesome.
  • Do shave legs, underarms etc. the night before. If waxing do so at lest 48 hours in advance.
  • Do bring a boyfriend/husbands shirt & tie, guitar, helmet, jacket, surfboard etc. Be creative!
  • Do bring enough outfits for your sessions. It’s always better to have more than less.
  • Do bring some fun items like roller skates, funky hats, unique clothing or furry stuff!
  • Do cut all lingerie tags off 
  • Don’t get a spray tan it can leave dark spots in your pores & usually streaks on hand and feet.
  • Don’t drink alcohol the night before since it is dehydrating and will show on your skin
  • Don’t wear any makeup-up to your session
  • Don’t wear tight fitting clothing to your shoot because it will leave marks they can take hours to disappear. (Example; tight bra strap, elastic waistband, socks, tight panties, or even a watch is a no go).
  • Don’t be nervous or stressed (extremely important for great pics!) and have a blast. If you break out the night before don’t be nervous, you’ll make it worse & we can hide anything!

 Any material with texture like fishnet, fur, latex & animal print photography really well.

Feel free to call with any question you may have prior to your photo shoot.


12 Ways to Slim Down Fast


If a few extra pounds are weighing heavily on your mind consider these options.


Shoes can lengthen legs especially nude shoes with nude stocking and black shoes with black stockings. A thinner heel and sole will lend to a slimmer overall look. Avoid chunky heels and ankle straps.

Necklaces trim neck size and chest. Long necklaces elongate your look especially when paired with a v-top or bras. Avoid chokers and other short necklaces. 

Earrings can elongate the face. Long teardrop-shaped earrings lengthen your face. 

Stocking, fishnets & pantyhose create lean legs. Dark colored pantyhose slim legs, especially when your outfit is the same colour as the stockings

Corsets are great at get a slimmer overall look. These days there are tons of sexy corset you can be photographed in and look amazing 


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