Can Single Women Do A Boudoir Shoot?


Gone are the days of boudoir photos only being considered to be an intimate gift for romantic partners.  A growling number of my clients are single women. These women are not models they are everyday women doing a boudoir photo shoot just for themselves.

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If you are single here are a few reasons why you should consider a boudoir photo shoot.

Rediscover Your Inner Goddess

Boudoir photography is about celebrating your sexually while boosting your confidence. If your sexually It’s not something to spent too much time thinking about , a boudoir session can be very powerful reminder of how gorgeous you are. seeing yourself is a beautiful set of lingerie can inspire confidence, so why not treat yourself to a few sets of beautiful lingerie at the same time.


You Will Look And Feel Stunning

Who doesn’t love having a makeover? All our boudoir sessions include professional hair and makeup services. Which gives you some time to unwind before the photo shoot.  When was the last time you indulged in the luxury of a full makeover? Even before we start the photo shoot you will be looking and feeling amazing. Boudoir photography is not just about the photos, it’s also about the experience of being pampered and being appreciated like you are most important women in the world.


Celebrate Being Single

Boudoir is a popular gift for a significant other but is also a gift for you. It can be tough being single so celebrate being a strong independent single woman that you are. Afterwards you might just be the envy of your non-single friends.  

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