6 Things to Bring to A Boudoir Photo Shoot. | Brisbane Boudoir Photographer


One of the most common questions I get asked with booking a boudoir session in "What do I bring to my boudoir photo shoot?" Today I'm going to share 6 things you can bring to your boudoir session.

High Heels

High heels have so many benefits. They add extra height. But they also improve your posture, making you throw your shoulders back and keep your head up — a proven powerhouse stance. And, in terms of sex appeal, heels lengthen your legs and push up your cute booty.

High Reels Brisbane Boudoir


One of His Work Shirts

Nothing will melt a man's heart fast than seeing the woman he loves in cute set bra and knickers and one of his shirts. It doesn't have to be a white business shirt. Does your man work in construction then bring one of his high vis vests!!

His Work Shirt.jpg


A Robe

Robes are a great item to bring to your boudoir session. Either short, long, sheer, plain or floral they are all great fun to play with during your boudoir session and they get your more comfortable before you bare more skin towards the end of your photo shoot.

Robe Brisbane Boudoir photographer.jpg


Engagement or Wedding Ring

Has he popped the question and given you a very special piece of jewelry. Featuring these gorgeous items that mean so much between you and your man can make your shoot even more special for both of you.

engagement wedding ring brisbane boudoir photography.jpg


A Corset or A Teddy

Corsets and Teddys are a magical piece of lingerie! They look super sexy while not showing to much skin and they cover the tummy.

Corset or Teddy Brisbane boudoir glamour photographer


Comfy but Sexy

I love this look because it is so genuine and natural. Boudoir shoots are not just bare skin and lingerie. Wearing a white shirt and jeans can be incredibly sexy or knickers with a big comfy jumper falling over your shoulder or an oversized shirt can be incredibly sexy and will bring a lot of versatility to your shoot.

Comfy but Sexy Brisbane boudoir photographer