1.      Talk with your photographer

This may sound obvious, but it’s the most important thing to do.Have a conversation with them about their style. Don’t be shy ask us lots questions.

Boudoir styles vary vastly from soft, gentle, sweet and suggestive to dark, moody and provocative. We need to be on the same page or it could lead to disappointment. Also, ask about the level of photoshop editing the photographer will use. Editing styles can range from removing every blemish and body reshaping to retouching only a few things so to keep your natural beauty. Mixed signals about editing style can also lead to disappointment.   

 2.      Do a bit of lingerie shopping

Even If you have an overflowing underwear draw with lots of choices, use this experience as an excuse to give your lingerie draw an overhaul. This is the perfect opportunity to throw out your old lingerie and start afresh. Or at least invest in three or four beautiful sets.

Confidence is the ultimate accessory for a successful shoot. Beautiful lingerie is one of the elements that contributes to your confidence. Your new lingerie also doubles as a little surprise for your partner!

3.      Use Props in your boudoir session

It’s normal to feel a bit nervous prior to your boudoir shoot, ask your photographer about props. I recommend a beautiful floral bouquet. It will give you a little bit of coverage so making the photos more suggestive as opposed to overt. Another good idea is to use one of your partner's shirts it makes for a really sensual and personal image.

4.      Pre-Shoot prep

Drink lots of water in the lead up to your boudoir shoot, avoid alcohol as it can dry your skin and increase redness. Don’t get a fake tan. The orange marks are a photographer's worse nightmare and a really tough to edit out. The night before make sure you get a good nights sleep

5.      Prep your poses

Jump on Pinterest and pin your favourite images in advance. Check out our Pinterest to get started www.pinterest.com/Belle_Vous