10 sexy things to wear for your boudoir shoot.

The question I get asked the most during a pre-shoot consultation is WHAT DO I WEAR???? While every woman is different, I thought it might be a good idea to give everyone a baseline that we can build on.

 Keep in mind

  • Your shoot is all about YOU, so wear something the makes YOU feel awesome!
  • Size Matters!! Hint the cup size you wear everyday may not be the best size for your shoot.
  • Pick an outfit that showcases for best assets!


10. Corsets

Corsets are awesome for boudoir photos. They are fun, elegant, sexy and they just look awesome! However, there are a few things to think about before buying that sexy corset you are dreaming about.

Corsets are not generally very comfortable. They can be hard to breathe in, hard to move in and sometime very hard to look happy in, which can translate over to the final product.

If you believe pain is beauty then rock that corset but it needs to be the last thing we shoot you in because the lines won't go away!

9. His…….

This is a super popular for most boudoir photo shoots, but lets change it up a bit…

I'm not going to recommend his dress clothes for your shoot. The last thing he wants to be reminded of is his 9 to 5 job, so remind him of something he loves!  Wear his favorite teams jersey, band shirt…. Something he’ll love to see you in on a Saturday morning.

8. A Sexy Little Dress

Boudoir doesn't have to be all about lingerie! I'm totally down with shooting you in a killer cocktail dress.

I try to shoot you in three different outfits, consider dedicating one of them to an outfit that you wouldn't mind your mum seeing you in. It can still be super-sexy! But consider that gorgeous canvas or framed print you're wanting for your walls. If you've got kids or frequently-visiting-in-laws, I understand that some of you prefer to keep it conservative, and throwing in a sexy dress is a great way to do that! You can always put your more risqué wall prints in your walk-in wardrobe, ensuite, or someplace else that gets less foot traffic.

7. Baby Dolls

Soft, sexy, cute, and forgiving, baby dolls are fantastic! They give you support where you need it and coverage where you want it. If you're self-conscious about your mid-section, a baby doll may be great choice for you.

6. High Heels

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but let me clarify just a little. Heels are good, HIGH heels are GREAT! If you want to make that booty pop, nothing will do that better than a great pair of high heels. 2" heels are not high heels. I do frequently recommend just going barefoot, depending on the look you’re going for but if you’re going to wear heels…. wear heels! There are a ton of great places to get a hot pair of heels.

5. Something Scandalous

As if you're not already pushing the bounds of your comfort zone, right? You'd be surprised how good you look in something that is just way out there! I'll leave more of this to the imagination because there are too many killer lingerie pieces to mention, but when you're out trying things on, don't rule anything out based on what it looks like on the hanger. If you see something that makes you go, "Whoa, that's a little much (or little)," do yourself a favor and try it on anyway. You still may not be convinced, but I have heard story after story from our clients saying, "She handed me this and I thought, 'No way, but then I put it on and couldn't believe how good I looked!"

4. Weekend wear

This goes hand in hand with his…… but makes it more about you! Got a great t-shirt and boyshorts? That’s perfect! Boudoir isn’t always about frills and lace. Wear something you are comfortable in and look super cute in! Tank top, oversized shirts, short shorts, tight jeans or just a robe. All of these are great for a boudoir shoot. We can always take it off halfway through, right? :)

3. Bra and Panties

Don't forget the simple answer. If you're going to take pictures in your underwear, take pictures in your underwear! Make sure the bra is a perfect fit and make sure the panties are comfortable! Your bra may be a size smaller you're used to and your panties may be a size bigger. Lace-top panties are great, too, panties with a rouged butt are also definite winners; Thongs are great, too, as long as they fit right

If you're really self-conscious about your mid-section and will feel too uncomfortable in a bra and panty set, totally ok! Maybe wear it under a robe or chemise so you can still show a peek without feeling too vulnerable :)

2. Bustier

The bustier is the step-sister to the corset. Still not necessarily the most comfortable thing in the world, but it solves one problem that corsets can't! It's got cups. Where a corset may flatten your chest from sheer compression, a bustier will provide support with an underwire and formed cups.

Looking for something a little more risqué? Bustier also comes cupless! They’ll still have the underwire to give that little bit of support, while cinching in the waist and letting you show off the rest.

Alt-in-all, bustiers Can be your best friend - coverage throughout the midsection, more comfortable than a corset (maybe just barely)' and support where you want it. I don't recommend them for every set, but if you're wanting some really sexy lingerie, don't overlook bustiers

And now, the number one thing to wear for your boudoir photo shoot…….

Drum roll please

1. Nothing!

Who says I'm not budget-conscious? Even if you don't want to show it all in your photos, having a set (or two or three) where you're only covering with a sheet, prop, or creative pose can really spice up your album.

If you're proud of your body, and/or have worked hard to get it, artistic nudes are a great way to remember it! A lot of my clients that have done nudes have commented that it was very empowering and a great experience! Whatever your preference, I've shot it all before, so just be upfront with me when it comes to how revealing you want your photos to be I'm all about having a good time and keeping it light, so just have fun!