21 Random Facts About Your Boudoir Photographer


I love learning about the women I photograph. It really helps me make your boudoir experience one of a kind and tailored just to you. It only seems fair you also learn a bit about me as well.


  1. I was born in Traralgon, Victoria and I moved up to Queensland with my parents when I was 8.

  2. I love animals! As Long as I can remember I’ve always had pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish love them all!

  3. Samson is the name of my goofball dog 🤪

  4. I pretty much play every sport possible when growing up (AFL, soccer, netball, cricket and many more. (I was bad at all of them haha.)

  5. One of my earliest memories is my Dad secretly buying a Nintendo while I was at playgroup. When I walked through the front door with my Mum and saw my Dad sitting on the coffee table playing Duck Hunt on Nintendo Entertainment System I freak out because we now had a the Nintendo!

  6. I love collecting old cameras At last count I have over 40 cameras

  7. My oldest camera is a Kodak from 1910.

  8. I’m a only child

  9. Before I was a boudoir photographer I was making ends meet being a waiter for wedding receptions.

  10. I was a waiter for wedding receptions during the gangnam style craze. I must have heard that song and the remixes and mashups over 1000 times.

  11. My first paying photography gig was family portrait session for friends of the family.

  12. I gave up learning to play the guitar after learning to play only one song. Paint It, Black by The Rolling Stones

  13. Vegemite is the best! I can eat it by the spoonful.

  14. I’ve never had a hangover. My friends were never impressed at all when I woke up the next morning feeling like million bucks.

  15. I waited in line for over 6 hours to buy a iPad 2 back in 2011.

  16. Sometime I feel like I might be a vampire snice I can get sunburnt in just minutes.

  17. I’m a bit of a coffee snob.

  18. I have bought so much stuff from Ikea over the years.

  19. The only food I don’t like is seafood.

  20. I had bad anxiety and confidence issues in my teens and 20s.

  21. I became a boudoir photographer so I could use this skill I had to help others boost their confidence levels

Matthew Brisbane boudoir photographer.jpg