4 Cute Boudoir Photo Ideas


Boudoir photography can range from steamy seductive to cute and flirty. Your boudoir photos will reflect your personality and everyone is beautifully unique. I love shooting boudoir because every shoot is different from the last. If your personality sides on the more playful and fun side these 4 ideas will hopefully inspire you!


1. Bring a Friend

A duo boudoir shoot with your best friend is one the best ways to lighten the mood and calm nerves and is a fun twist on what most people think a boudoir photo shoot is. Fun and cute photos are pretty much guaranteed!      


2 Pizza Boudoir (Boudoir with your favourite food)

Pizza has become a staple of our boudoir shoots. So much so we starting incorporating it into our photo shoots lol. Just let your imagination run wild. think of the possibles. Cake boudoir, Sushi boudoir, etc.     


3. Festive Boudoir

Do you have a favourite holiday or event you love to celebrate? Wedding anniversary, Christmas, Easter and Halloween are the obvious ones. But think outside the box and come up with a theme that means a lot to you!  

christmas-boudoir .jpg

4. Video game boudoir

About a year ago I set up a few of my old game consoles in the studio. Mostly just so I could kill a few minutes while I was waiting for clients to arrive. It wasn't long after that people were asking if I had a game from their childhood and if they could have a quick game.   


There are so many different ways your photos could end up looking like. Be creative with your choices and remember to ask your photographer for help.

Ready to start planning your dream boudoir experience?