Top 5 Must Have Boudoir Poses


Get ready for a little bit of inspiration for your boudoir shoot.

Starting with one of my all-time favorites. This pose hides the tummy if that's a problem area, enhances the breast for a bit extra 😉 and show-offs your stunning eyelashes and long flowing hair. I almost always do a similar pose with every client!

If you’re just engaged, married or have an anniversary coming up soon? This pose is a must have.

The tushy shot! This is a playful pose that can hide problem areas that you might be uncomfortable with, but yet showing-off your backside and sexy curves.

Stretching poses are figure flattering that show case your curves.

Silhouette window pose. Silhouette are flattering to every woman. We can use the light to show-off your favourite parts of your body and use the shadows to hide the parts that you’re not a fan of.

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