Brisbane Boudoir Photographer | The Best Gift to Give your Husband


The most popular reasons I hear from women of all ages looking to book a boudoir session is that they're really looking to create a really unique gift for their husbands. Be it for valentine’s day, anniversary, wedding or just because they feel like doing a boudoir photo shoot. One of the most common concerns my clients have before booking it “Will he like the photos of me?”

Thinking this is completely normal. Undertaking a boudoir session is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and being in front of the camera, so there is usually a little difficulty and nerves about doing a boudoir shoot and also what will his reaction be when he sees the photos?..

You have nothing to worry about you will love his reaction when he opens his gift because he won’t expect such a unique out of the blue gift. What man wouldn’t want to see beautiful photos of the woman he thinks the world of??