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Why Pick Me As Your Brisbane Boudoir Photographer instead of an Another One?

There are plenty of exceptional Brisbane boudoir photographers, so how is each one unique? I have over 5 years of photographing women full time, I feel I have learned a thing or two over these years about what sets photographers apart from each another. Here 5 things I think you should look for when researching photographers to take your sexy photos.

Reviews From Women That Have Had The Boudoir Experience

Reading a photographer reviews from past clients can give you a good idea what to expect during your boudoir session. Look for reviews that talk about how the photographer made them feel comfortable. Regrettably, there are a few creeps out there, so knowing more about the photographer can go along way to keeping you safe. The bottom line is read reviews, a long time professional will have plenty of positive reviews.

"With all the pampering, laughing and joking I have not felt so incredible and self empowerment before. Matthew and his team they will make you feel amazing" Read more testimonials from our real clients here.

Will They Teach You How To Pose For Body Shape For Boudoir Photos

A pose and make or break a photo. Everyone thinks they need to lose 5 to 10 kilos before booking a photoshoot, but guess what? You don't! No matter your size or body shape the best photographers will know how to direct you into the most flattering poses. Don't love your belly, legs, neckline or anything else about your body? Don't worry. A lot can be hidden by changing your posture or moving the light to a different area of your body. There are lots of incredible Brisbane boudoir photographers out there. Still, only a few have the skill to make any woman look and feel fabulously sexy! A boudoir portfolio & behind the scenes video showing a broad range of women of many different body types. This is a sign the photographer has the skill to coach you into a beautiful sexy poses.

Being A Boudoir Photographer Is More Than Owning An Expensive Camera

People with nice cameras are a dime a dozen nowadays. It takes years to hone the craft of boudoir photography. The most important thing is not the gear being used, it's the person holding the camera. Money can buy fancy stuff, but only time and experience really matters when it comes to taking sexy photos of real everyday women.

Every Brisbane Boudoir Photographer Has Their Own Unique Style

We all approach our work differently, and it's the same with photographers. Some are more artistic, and others are obvious and cliche. Find the photographer that brings out ohh and wows you with their artistry. The best photos will leave you with an elevated sense of self-confidence.

Can You Bare It All For The Photographer

No, I don't mean getting nude for them, but will they let you open up emotionally. The best photos are a result of letting yourself go and live in the moment. It can be hard to let your guard down, but when you do, that's when the magic happens. When your photographer has creative freedom to perform their art. You will feel in love with the artwork even more.

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